FALL/WINTER 2023 Update

Dear Hot Lunch Parents,

We are so happy to be back to school!

If your school is not up and running yet, we are likely just waiting for some information from the school to get ready for the new year. Stay tuned! An email including an order link should come from your school directly within the next few weeks.

Depending on your school, your children will be served either at our regular buffet service table, or as a drop-off, container service packed on site and delivered to their classrooms right before lunch.

Lunches are purchased by semester – Fall Term 1 is September & October, Fall Term 2 is November & December for our 5 day schools. Our 1-4 days a week schools will have these two terms combined into a September – December term.

Should you have any questions, please email me at tricia@thelunchmom.com

Kind regards,


(aka The Lunch Mom)