JUNE 1st UPDATE – REFUND Winter and Spring 2020

Dear Parents,

Hope you are all coping well during these difficult times (and, like me, are likely looking forward to the end of the school year with the online homeschooling!)  

Our team is missing work, and hoping that things go back to normal by the Fall!

Parents who submitted Spring hot lunch payments (April – June) are currently being refunded by e-transfer.  I hope to be finished by Friday, June 5th. Thank you for your patience on this – it is a completely manual and very time consuming process. 

For all Winter missed days (including the Winter term strike days, and the week or two after March Break), 100% of the cost of these days will be reflected on the Fall 2020 hot lunch order pricing as credits. 

Unfortunately, to calculate and process over 3,000 e-transfers for these days of missed lunches would be a massive undertaking. As well, as you can imagine, many of our payroll, food purchases and other fixed operational costs/expenses were still incurred during those strike days and last week(s) of March. While we are incredibly sensitive to the challenges facing some of our families, we hope that a number of families will be able to support our future by accepting a credit for those days until Fall term. 

The exception to this would be if your child/children have graduated from their schools this Spring, or will not be returning in the Fall.  If this is the case, please let me know by email ( and I can accommodate these requests as soon as I have finished with the Spring term credits. Plus of course 

I will provide 100% refund for families who truly need a refund or are unable to wait for the Fall credit. Again, please contact me if this is the case.

We have been very thankful for all your kind emails over the past few months.  Despite the school closures, we have been able to keep our full time staff paid, and hope to do so over the summer and straight into the Fall.  We have also helped support those most vulnerable during this crisis with donations to the Good Shepherd Mission, including cash donations made by those in our parent community.  

Hopefully, this will be behind us soon.  I hope you and your families have a safe and wonderful summer. 

Kind regards,


Dear Hot Lunch Parents,


I hope that you and your families are all doing well, keeping safe and staying sane during these strange times!  All 27 of us here at The Lunch Mom have been missing work, and we especially miss seeing the kids at lunch every day. (Though likely not as much as you miss having them at school – homeschooling/online school is HARD!) 

With the government announcement today that schools will not be reopening in Ontario this school year, I will be refunding all Spring Term hot lunch payments over the next week or so. Unless I hear back from you otherwise, starting tomorrow, I will be refunding by Interac e-transfer to the email you used to place your order.   If you would prefer a refund back to your credit card, less the credit card fees, just let me know and I can do that instead. 

Please be patient as this is a VERY manual process, as the maximum Interac allowed per day is $10,000 total and so I will be doing them in batches over the next two weeks.   The refund will be coming from my name (Tricia Tait) so please look for that in your online banking. 
We all look forward to hopefully getting back to normal in September.

Stay safe and sane in the meantime!


I understand that there is a lot of uncertainty right now. The question of when the schools will reopen, or even if they will reopen, is top of mind for all parents with school aged children.

At TLM, we are trying hard to both manage our school family’s needs and the logistics of partial refunds and cancellations, then rebookings for any of our over 3,500 families who are currently signed up for Spring term.  

The processing costs for accepting, then refunding, then accepting again funds through credit card payments are extreme (roughly 4.5%).  To prevent avoidable losses, refunds will be calculated and processed once the schools decide on the return dates, and may be sent by e-transfer to help defray the credit card costs. Thank you for your understanding.

If you have not signed up for Spring, please hold off until we get the school board’s notification for re-start date.

If you have already signed up, I can either refund you now if you want, deducting the credit card fees, or if you can wait until we see when the schools go back, as we will be refunding any lunches unsent to the schools at that point.

Stay safe!


Tricia (aka “The Lunch Mom”)

PS – for those who have enquired or are wondering, TLM has donated all of our perishable foods to the Good Shepherd Mission. Please remember those who will be hardest hit by this outbreak and consider a donation to your favourite shelter or food bank!